The Proof May Be in the Picture You Take

boy bleeding from head injury

No one thinks about being the victim of an accident when he or she rolls out of bed. Yet, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents every day. These range from auto accidents to slips and falls and can occur anywhere you or your loved ones go. They can even occur when you're using a product that you thought was safe or enjoying a day at the park. For the most part, we are all clueless as to when an accident might occur. That means most people are caught off guard when the unexpected happens. However, thanks to today's mobile technology you may not be as unprepared as you once were.

For decades, car insurance companies have recommended that insured drivers carry a pen and paper in the glove box or console. If you were involved in a collision, you would have the basic tools to share insurance and personal information before leaving the scene. Although that is still a good idea, nowadays a couple of snapshots with a smartphone can capture a high-definition picture with a full-color rendition of the aftermath. When your personal injury attorney can present evidence in “living color”, the at-fault's insurance carrier will be highly motivated to settle the claim outside of court.

It is a fact that evidence quickly fades at the scene of most accidents. This can be extremely frustrating for both the plaintiff and their legal counsel. A quick cleanup on aisle four or a warning posted on a stairwell immediately alters the appearance of what was there when the accident happened. You've likely heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and nothing could be truer when it comes to presenting a personal injury case. The most eloquent attorney could never paint the picture for a judge or jury that a single photo entered into evidence can deliver.

Whether you're a fan of selfies or not, chances are good that you have a smartphone in your purse or pocket. In case of an accident, try to remain calm and start shooting as soon as possible. The visual testimony provided by your images of the accident scene will serve as expert testimony in explaining any inaccuracies between the at-fault's account of the incident and your own. In Florida, an injured person or certain surviving family members are allowed to seek recovery for damages caused by the defendant's negligent or unreasonable behavior. So act in a timely manner and seek the immediate advice of an accident injury attorney.

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